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In this introductory session, we will identify the topic together and determine the time frame in which we will work on it. My approach is based on mindfulness, there is no pressure. I will support you as you work out your own specific goal and as you learn to recognize what happens inside of yourself.


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We will identify the topic together and determine the time frame in which we will work on it.

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Identify the Topic

We work together

In our introductory session, we will talk about a few things. I will ask you about topics you would like to work on during our coaching. We will approach your specific goal together.

In the following sessions, we will work on the topic that you have identified. Some issues will already begin to change in the first few meetings, others will take more time. We will take the time we need. We can add sessions individually or reduce them if the goal has been reached faster than expected. It is my goal to provide you with methods to better understand your inner processes and your reactions, so you
can perceive them consciously and better guide them.

One more thing

I believe – and I can say this from my own experience – that personal development is a continuous and life-long process. Therefore, I am at your side as a long-term consultant who will work with you on new topics as well as issues you have already addressed before, if needed.

In my consulting, I focus on a holistic view of the individual. The work of a leader is not solely based on rational decisions; a leader is also a feeling person and is guided by these emotions. I work with my clients to explore the source of their blockages, emotions, and behaviors, going beyond surface-level issues. As many issues have their roots in the unconscious mind, we slowly approach the underlying causes through mindfulness and systematically-based, psychology-supported methods. This approach enables clients to recognize their emotions and mechanisms, name them, and work on them, while maintaining control over the course and depth of the process as it is their own. Mutual respect is especially important to me during our collaboration.

Mindful leadership is a holistic approach to leading that involves being fully present, self-aware, and compassionate in every aspect of leadership. It entails recognizing the interconnectedness of individuals, teams, and the larger organization, and making conscious decisions that consider the well-being of all stakeholders. Mindful leaders practice active listening, empathy, and ethical decision-making, fostering a positive work environment, reducing stress, and promoting both personal and organizational growth. By embodying mindfulness, leaders enhance their ability to navigate challenges, communicate effectively, and inspire others to reach their full potential.

Our work world is constantly changing. Employees’ attitudes towards modern workspaces and the expected leadership are also changing, which inevitably impacts structures and work cultures. The working world is becoming increasingly complex, and businesses and leaders must develop innovative processes while also maintaining a digital, dynamic, and agile company culture, balanced with empathy, private life, psychological safety, and a smart and crisis-resistant strategy. This change not only means changes in a company’s structure but also in the thinking and actions of leaders and team members. It is becoming increasingly important to reflect on oneself and perceive oneself in relation to the organization.